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The Enchanted Cottage (by Arthur Wing Pinero)

December 17, 2018


The Enchanted Cottage, from  1921, is by the prolific and now nearly forgotten English playwright, Sir Arthur Wing Pinero. When socialite Oliver Bradshaw is disfigured by war wounds, he hides from his father to convalesce in seclusion at a Cottage he rented for his originally planned honeymoon. Laura Pennington, a shy plain nurse is hired on to care for Oliver. The two begin developing feelings for each other and ultimately fall in love. After they marry, they discover the enchantment of the cottage has the power to transform. Now remembered mostly from the highly successful 1945 film, this charmingly romantic story reminds us that love has power and magic in it.

“This time of year has a potent magic all its own. It’s a time of reflection, and hope, and faith. This play winningly reminds us how vitally important it is to believe in the power of love in all its many colors, and of the human need to share it,” according to David Staller.

These are all unique script-in-hand performances!