Gingold Theatrical Group creates theatre and theatre-related programs that promote the humanitarian ideals central to the work of activist playwright George Bernard Shaw


Full off-Broadway productions and thrilling symposia, discussion groups and other special events to add to your enjoyment!

Project Shaw

Coined “New York’s monthly guide to reason,” Project Shaw presents monthly readings of plays by George Bernard Shaw as well as plays that either influenced or were influenced by Shaw, or that share Shaw’s advocacy of human rights and the freedom of speech.

Speaker’s Corner

Named after the corner of London’s Hyde Park where Shaw and other political speakers have delivered speeches since 1855, Gingold’s Speakers’ Corner brings together six to ten writers who spend the year exploring a specific Shaw play and writing new work in response to that text.


Through the following education and audience enrichment programs, we allow students young and old to learn more about Shaw, his work, and the causes he valued. Gingold encourages people of all ages to bring Shaw’s values of individual liberty and independent thought into their daily lives.

Discussion Group

Join us for Gingold’s lively monthly discussion group on themes associated with (but not limited to) that month’s Project Shaw reading.

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