Speakers’ Corner 2023 Applications are now OPEN!


Gingold Theatrical Group, now in its 18th year, creates theatre and theatre-related programs that promote the humanitarian ideals central to the work of activist playwright George Bernard Shaw. Speakers’ Corner, Gingold’s primary new-play development program, affords playwrights the opportunity to build on Shaw’s legacy by supporting them as they write new plays that engage with today’s most pressing social/political/economic issues. Scripts written in Speakers’ Corner have gone on to further development with Gingold, as well as at other institutions.

In this cycle of Speakers’ Corner, we will explore Shaw’s use of comedy to engage with the relevant social issues of his time. Over the course of the year, playwrights will generate the first draft of a new socially-engaged comedy inspired by Shaw’s approach. In twice-monthly meetings held from March to November, Speakers’ Corner writers will take turns sharing pages from their new plays and giving/receiving feedback. In addition to cohort meetings, writers will have one-on-one notes sessions as they work to complete and then revise their drafts. The program will culminate in the late fall with readings of the new plays, cast with professional actors, and open to small audiences of invited industry professionals. Speakers’ Corner writers will receive a $500 stipend for their participation in the group.


Applications for Speakers’ Corner are due by 11:59 PM EST on February 7, 2023.

  • All applicants must submit the following:
  • A brief description of why you want to join the Speakers’ Corner cohort, and why you want to do so now in particular.
  • Pitch – a one-page description of the play you intend to write in Speakers’ Corner
  • Sample – a full-length script that you feel is representative of your voice
  • A resume or bio


I have never written a play before? Am I a good candidate for the group?
Writers in Speakers’ Corner should have experience writing full-length plays.

What are you looking for in the pitch and writing sample? Do I need to write like Shaw to be selected?
The purpose of Speakers’ Corner is not to write like Shaw, but to continue his legacy of using the theatre to promote humanitarian ideals. We are looking for writers who have developed their own theatrical voice, and your sample is your opportunity to demonstrate your unique style and sensibility. Your pitch should articulate how your new play will build on Shaw’s legacy.

Can I submit a play I co-wrote for my sample?
No. We are interested in getting to know your individual voice, and so we request that you only submit plays for which you served as the sole writer.

Can I submit a short play for my sample?
No. We want to see how you develop your ideas over the course of a full-length play.

Can I apply with a pitch for a play that’s already received development opportunities?
No. The purpose of Speakers’ Corner is to complete a first draft of a new play. Please only submit pitches for new plays.

Will Speakers’ Corner meet remotely or in person?
We plan to hold the majority of meetings in person in midtown Manhattan, but will meet remotely if schedules and/or rising COVID cases demand that we do so.

If I know I will have to miss a few meetings, can I still apply?
We understand that members of Speakers’ Corner may need to miss the occasional meeting due to their other obligations. If you anticipate needing to miss more than four meetings over the course of the cycle, please wait and apply in the future so that we can assemble a cohort of writers who will be present and engaged with each other’s work.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t apply?
If you cannot commit to completing a first draft of a new play by November 2023, please wait to apply in a future cycle.

Other questions? Ask Lily Kanter Riopelle!
Email lriopelle@gingoldgroup.org with the subject line “SC23 Application Question” with any other questions.