Widower’s Houses

February 23, 2015

Set in 1892, Widowers’ Houses is a hilarious yet scathing look at the ethics of making money. When a young doctor learns that his future father-in-law has earned his wealth by renting slum housing to the poor, the doctor refuses the tainted dowry that awaits him. But he must reconsider his righteous stance when he discovers alarming news about the source of his own income. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see George Bernard Shaw’s first play – the one that launched his career as one of the wittiest and most widely revered writers of his generation.


Dr. Harry Trench – Mr. Matthew Rauch
Cockane – Mr. David Turner
Sartorius – Mr. Daniel Davis
Blanche – Ms. Lisa O’Hare
Annie – Ms. Sarah Rose Kearns
Lickcheese – Mr. Ed Dixon
Narrator/Waiter – Mr. Bill Kux

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

David Turner, Bill Kux, Ed Dixon, David Staller, Sarah Rose Kearns, Lisa O’Hare and Daniel Davis