Why She Would Not & The Gadfly

December 14, 2009

Why She Would Not (1950): A Comedietta that Shaw never finished. Five writers will each offer their version of the final scene. We’ll do them all! Our writers supplying our final scenes were Israel Horovitz, David Cote, Michael Feingold, Jeremy McCarter and Robert Simonson.

The Gadfly, ‘Or the Son of the Cardinal’ (1897): An adaptation from an absurd little novel by a peculiar little woman named Ethel Voynich. She wrote it as a melodramatic tear-jerker. Shaw’s play turns it into an extreme comedy, clearly meant to be a parody of melodrama.

Written by George Bernard Shaw.


The Man – Mr. Jim Brochu
Serafina White – Ms. Mara Davi
Henry Bossborn – Mr. Josh Griseti
Reginald White – Mr. Simon Jones
Jasper White – Mr. Sean Dugan
Montgomery Smith – Mr. Victor Slezak
A Nurse-Housekeeper – Ms. Donna Lynne Champlin

Cast for THE GADFLY:

Signora Grassini – Mr. Jim Brochu
Michele – Mr. Sean Dugan
Gemma – Ms. Mara Davi
The Gadfly – Mr. Josh Grisetti
Zita, Gypsy – Ms. Donna Lynne Champlin
Montanelli – Mr. Simon Jones
Ferrari – Mr. Victor Slezak

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast