Too True to Be Good

June 24, 2013

A glamorous pair of jewel thieves convince a chronic young convalescent to steal her own jewels and run away with them to a tropical paradise. Her over-protective mother comes chasing after them and a riotous time is had by all. This is Shaw’s 1931 high-comedy journey, which takes on fad diets, the medical profession, the military, war, religion, and sex. It’s a short and lively comedic lark.

Written by Bernard Shaw in 1931.


The Monster – Mr. Michael Musto
The Patient (Mops) – Ms. Ryann Redmond
Mrs. Mopply – Ms. Jackie Hoffman
The Doctor – Mr. William McCauley
The Nurse (Sweetie) – Mr. Charles Busch
The Burglar (Popsy) – Mr. Robert Cuccioli
Colonel Tallboys – Mr. Ed Dixon
Private Meek – Mr. Jonathan Hadley
Sergeant Fielding – Mr. Martin Moran
The Elder – Mr. George S. Irving
Narrator – Mr. Adam Feldman of TIME OUT NEW YORK

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

Jonathan Hadley, Robert Cuccioli, Ed Dixon, Adam Feldman, William McCauley, Michael Musto, George S. Irving, Martin Moran, Charles Busch , Ryann Redmond and Jackie Hoffman