The Man of Destiny & The Glimpse of Reality

May 18, 2009

THE MAN OF DESTINY (1895): Shaw’s inflammatory play about none other than the young Napoleon who has just begun his infamous Italian Campaigne when a mysterious woman spy appears who may prove to be his downfall!

THE GLIMPSE OF REALITY (1909): A bold and dashing Count is on the run in the Italian countryside disguised as an old Friar. He has to try to save his life using only one weapon: his wit.

Both written by  George Bernard Shaw.


Napoleon – Mr. Michael Cerveris
A Lieutenant – Mr. Graham Rowat
Giuseppe – Mr. David Margulies
A Strange Lady – Ms. Kate Baldwin
Narrator – Ms. Liz Morton


Count Ferrucio (The Friar) – Mr. Michael Cerveris
Giulia – Ms. Kate Baldwin
Squarcio – Mr. David Margulies
Sandro – Mr. Graham Rowat

Evening hosted by Mr. David Rooney

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast