The Apple Cart

September 18, 2006

Fictional English King Magnus spars with, and ultimately outwits, Prime Minister Proteus and his cabinet, who seek to strip the monarchy of its remaining political influence. Shaw’s preface describes the play as: “…a comedy in which a King defeats an attempt by his popularly elected Prime Minister to deprive him of the right to influence public opinion through the press and the platform: in short, to reduce him to a cipher. The King’s reply is that rather than be a cipher, he will abandon his throne and tatke his obviously very rose chance of becoming a popularly elected Prime Minister himself.”

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1928.


Magnus — Mr. Brian Murray
Orinthia — Ms. Marian Seldes
Semphronius — Mr. Barrett Foa
Pamphilius — Mr. Donald Corren
Boanerges   —  Mr.George S. Irving
Alice — Ms. Liz Morton
Proteus — Mr. Peter Bartlett
Pliny — Mr. Lenny Wolpe
Nicobar  —   Mr. Simon Jones
Crassus — Mr. Howard Kissel
Balbus —  Mr. David Garrison
Amanda —  Ms. Charlotte Moore
Lysistrata — Ms. Becky Ann Baker
The Queen —  Ms. Charlotte Rae
Vanhattan —  Mr. James Murtaugh
Narrator — Mr. David Cote

Evening hosted by Mr. Robert Simonson

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast