The Apple Cart

July 25, 2016

Shaw’s 1929 farcical comedy does everything possible to tickle us. English King Magnus has quite a day on his hands. His Cabinet, headed by a devious Prime Minister, wants him dethroned. His extravagantly volatile mistress and his extremely ambitious Queen both have their grip on him. And then, the American Ambassador arrives announcing the Grand Plan to colonize Britain. It’s all part of the Royal game, pitting Magnus against the Fates to do whatever he can to not upset THE APPLE CART.

In this rarely seen gem by Shaw, British King Magnus is doing his best to save the country. He goes toe to toe with the Prime Minister, his cabinet, his wife, his children…but nothing could prepare him for the most famous scene from the play, in which he and his exotic mistress duke it out in one of Shaw’s most scintillating comedic scenes.

Cast :

Semphronius … Mr. Donald Corren
Pamphilius … Mr. Daniel Marconi 
Boanerges … Mr. Jim Brochu 
King Magnus … Mr. Michael Cumpsty  
Proteus … Mr. Tony Sheldon 
Nicobar … Mr. Henry Yuk 
Crassus … Mr. William DeMeritt  
Balbus … Mr. Robert Zukerman 
Amanda … Ms. Alison Cimmet 
Lysistrata … Ms. Robin Miles 
Orinthia … Ms. Melissa Errico  
The Queen … Ms. Jackie Hoffman
Vanhattan … Mr. Bill Kux 
Narrator … Mr. Matt Windman  

ACT 1:  An Office in the Royal Palace
INTERLUDE: Orinthia’s Boudoir.
ACT II:  A Terrace overlooking the Palace Gardens.
Time: The Future.


Robin Miles Bill Kux, Henry Yuk, Melissa Errico, Michael Cumpsty, Jim Brochu, Tony Sheldon,Alison Cimmet,
Robert Zukerman, Donald Corren, William DeMeritt, Jackie Hoffman, Matt Windman and Daniel Marconi