Super Shaw!

September 29, 2009

An extremely irreverent evening of Shaw scenes, snippets, and songs. Actors playing roles they’ve always wanted to play, but never had the chance!


Heartbreak House
Ellie Dunn – Ms. Liz Morton
Captain Shotover – Mr. Daniel Jenkins
Narrator – Mr. David Cote

Major Barbara
Adolphus Cusins – Mr. Peter Frechette
Andrew Undershaft – Mr. John McMartin
Lady Britomart Undershaft – Ms. Judith Ivey
Narrator –  Mr. David Cote

“Teach It How To Dance” – Ms. Kerry O’Malley

The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
Blanco Posnet –  Mr. Jason Graae
Elder Daniels –  Mr. Peter Frechette
Narrator – Ms. Charlotte Moore

Arms and the Man
Captain Bluntschli – Mr. Jason Graae
Raina Petkoff –  Ms. Kerry O’Malley
Louka – Ms. Liz Morton
Catherine Petkoff – Ms. Charlotte Moore
Narrator/Officer – Mr. David Cote

Henry Higgins – Ms. Marian Seldes
Eliza Doolittle – Ms. Kerry O’Malley
Mrs. Pearce – Ms. Charlotte Moore
Colonel Pickering – Mr. Peter Frechette
Narrator – Mr. David Cote

Man and Superman
Dona Ana de Ulloa – Ms. Marian Seldes
Don Juan – Mr. John McMartin
The Devil – Ms. Judith Ivey
The Statue – Mr. Daniel Jenkins
Narrator – Mr. David Cote

Produced and directed by  Mr. David Staller

The Cast