Press Cuttings & The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

May 22, 2017

In Press Cuttings, it’s 1909 and the men in charge of England are having a wild time trying to adjust to the Women’s Rights movement!  Press Cuttings was written by Bernard Shaw in 1909.
In The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, Shakespeare has a secret rendezvous with Queen Elizabeth who may or may not be one of his inspirations for some of his most treasured sonnets. Dark Lady of the Sonnets was written by Bernard Shaw in 1910


For Press Cuttings:

General Mitchener of the Army Council … Mr. Paxton Whitehead
Prime Minister Balsquith … Mr. Tim Jerome
Mrs. Farrell … Ms. Christine Pedi
An Orderly … Mr. Christian DeMarais
Mrs. Banger … Ms. Andréa Burns
Lady Corinthia Fanshaw… Ms. Cady Huffman
Narrator … Ms. Mirirai Sithole

Scene: General Mitchener’s Office in the War Office
Time: The forenoon of the First Of April, 1913

For The Dark Lady of the Sonnets:

The Warder … Mr. Tim Jerome
William Shakespeare … Mr. Christian DeMarais
Queen Elizabeth … Ms. Andréa Burns
Mary Fitton … Ms. Mirirai Sithole
Narrator … Ms. Cady Huffman

Scene: The Terrace, Whitehall Palace, Midsummer Night.
Period: the spacious times of Great Elizabeth