Passion, Poison and Petrifaction & Press Cuttings

November 21, 2011

PASSION, POISON AND PETRIFACTION, written in 1905, is one of Shaw’s most light-hearted larks: involving murder, sex, betrayal, finance and seltzer.
PRESS CUTTINGS, written in 1909, is Shaw’s ‘suffragette comedy’, involving a Prime Minister in drag, a conservative General out of control and some very determined women.

A Brief Tragedy for Barns and Booths.

Cast :

Lady Magnesia Fitztollemache – Ms. Judith Ivey
Phyllis (Her Maid) – Ms. Allison Mackie
George Fitzteollebache (Her Husband) – Mr. Brian Murray
Adolphus Bastable (A Leader Of Fashion) – Mr. Bobby Steggert
Landlady – Ms. Cynthia Harris
Police Constable – Mr. Jack Gilpin
Doctor – A Mysterious Person
Narrator – Mr. Tom Viola

PRESS CUTTINGS, (A Topical Sketch Compiled From The Editorial and Correspondence Columns of the Daily Papers During the Woman’s War in 1909)


General Mitchener of the Army Council – Mr. Brian Murray
Balsquith, Prime Minister – Mr. Jack Gilpin
Mrs. Farrell, War Office Charwoman – Ms. Allison Mackie
An Orderly – Mr. Bobby Steggert
Mrs. Banger, Secretary of the United Anti-Suffragettes – Ms. Cynthia Harris
Lady Corinthia Fanshawe, President of the Same – Ms. Judith Ivey
Narrator – Mr. Tom Viola

Guest Host…Mr. Jason Zinoman of the NEW YORK TIMES.

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast