Overruled & Augustus Does His Bit

May 8, 2006

Overruled (1912) follows two famous couples. Each pair has decided to take a trip away from their mate, to go around the world to reawaken their romance when they reunite. On the journey, each meets the partner of the other couple with surprising results.

Augustus Does His Bit (1916) unfolds in the Mayor’s parlour in the village of Little Pifflington. A Femme-Fatale Spy undoes all the work Lord Augustus Highcastle and Horatio Floyd Beamish have labored away at in regards to the British Army. Or is it all just a game?

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1912 and 1916.


Mrs. Juno — Ms. Kathleen Widdoes
Gregory Lunn — Mr. Paxton Whitehead
Sibthorpe Juno — Mr. George S. Irving
Mrs. Lunn — Ms. Charlotte Moore
Narrator — Mr. Howard Kissel


Lord Augustus Highcastle — Mr. George S. Irving
Horatio Floyd Beamish — Mr. Paxton Whitehead
A Lady — Ms. Charlotte Moore
Narrator — Ms. Kathleen Widdoes

Also presented:

The War Indemnities, written in 1921
The Garden of the Hesperides, written c.1930
The Girl with the Golden Voice, written in 1935

Evening hosted by Mr. Howard Kissel

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

George S. Irving