On The Rocks

July 22, 2013

A heart-warming cocktail about money, greed, politics and sex. This viciously witty comedy tackles, head-first, the unthinkable concept of a country in the midst of an economic depression. Unemployment, health care, human rights…you name it. It’s a riotous cast of character, assembled as only possible in the always-surprising imagination of G.B.S.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1933.


Sir Arthur Chavender – Mr. Jonathan Hadary
Hilda Hanways – Ms. Alison Cimmet
Sir Broadfoot Basham – Mr. Merwin Goldsmith
Miss Flavia Chavender – Ms. Andrea Lynn Green
Lady Chavender – Ms. Karen Ziemba
David Chavender – Mr. Michael McDonald
Mayor Tom Humphries – Mr. Michael Selkirk
Aloysia Brollikins – Ms. Justine Salata
Viscount Barking – Mr. A.J. Shively
Alderman Blee – Mr. Ron McClary
Mr. Hipney – Mr. George S. Irving
The Lady (and also the Narrator) – Ms. Diane Stilwell Weinberg
Sir Dexter Rightside – Mr. Jack Gilpin
Admiral Sir Bemrose Hotspot – Mr. Robert Stanton
Mr. Glenmorison – Mr. Matthew Sullivan
Sir Jafna Pandranath – Mr. James Rana
The Duke of Domesday – Mr. Marc Vietor

Produced and Directed by Mr. David Staller

A.J. Shively, Ron McClary, Michael Selkirk, Karen Ziemba, Merwin Goldsmith, Marc Vietor, Alison Cimmet, George S. Irving, Jack Gilpin, Robert Stanton, Matthew Sullivan, James Rana, Jonathan Hadary, Justine Salata, Andrea Lynn Green, Michael P. McDonald and Diane Stilwell Weinberg