Major Barbara

November 4, 2014 – December 14, 2014

When the charming weapons-manufacturer Andrew Undershaft goes toe-to-toe with his passionate daughter Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army, over his “ill-gotten” fortune, it leads to the wager of the century. She is determined to save his soul—he is determined to open her eyes to a wider world. Their confrontation will knock their entire family’s moral compass up, down, and sideways, never to be the same again. One of Shaw’s most beloved plays, Major Barbara offers a complex, comic, and challenging look at wealth and poverty, war and peace, and a wickedly funny appraisal of what it truly means to be “moral” in our modern world.

The cast included Robin Leslie Brown, Bradford Cover, Dan Daily, Carol Schultz, Becky Baumwoll, Hannah Cabell, Cary Donaldson, Richard Gallagher & Alec Shaw.


“Inescapably playful and undeniably serious…this is an assured and confident revival.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“As directed by David Staller, artistic director of Gingold Theatrical Group and a true Shaw savant, MAJOR BARBARA unfolds as a sparkling comedy in which distressing ideas are embedded like depth charges…an evening that glitters and troubles in equal measure.” – LIGHTING & SOUND

“Occasionally you get a play which is so good, written by such a towering genius, that as long as the company understands the nature of what it’s got and can get out of the way, the result is exceptional. I’m happy to report that’s what we have with the Gingold Theatrical Group and the Pearl Theatre Company’s latest production of one of George Bernard Shaw’s most popular plays, MAJOR BARBARA: great play, towering genius, and a thoroughly professional cast and crew. The result is a tremendous production.” – CURTAIN UP

“The play really soars in the hands of director David Staller and a terrific cast. His production does, smoothly, exactly what the esteemed playwright wanted it to do: it makes us deeply reflect.” – THEATER PIZZAZZ

“If you have never seen George Bernard Shaw’s MAJOR BARBARA, book yourself tickets! David Staller’s direction cuts to the heart and the soul of this sparring match of intellect.” -TIME SQUARE CHRONICLES

Production photos by Richard Termine.