Major Barbara

July 21, 2008

In this sparkling comedy, Lady Britomart Undershaft is a woman determined that her children should be well provided for. Her estranged husband, Andrew Undershaft, is a notorious millionaire armaments dealer who has not known his grown children since they were babies. Lady Brit brings them together with surprising results. His daughter Barbara is a devout major in the Salvation Army who refuses her father’s funds and wants to marry a poor Greek scholar, Cusins. Power, religion, finance, sex and the concept of family life are all skewered by the most irreverent of authors. Full of lively comedy and sparkling debate, Major Barbara is also one of Shaw’s most powerful and forward-looking plays.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1905.


Lady Britomart Undershaft — Ms. Megan Mullally
Stephen Undershaft — Mr. Matt Cavenaugh
Barbara Undershaft — Ms. Ana Reeder
Sarah Undershaft — Ms. Nikki Coble
Charles Lomax — Mr. Adam Feldman
Adolphus Cusins — Mr. Michael Esper
Andrew Undershaft — Mr. Michael Cumpsty
Rummy Mitchens — Ms. Annie Golden
Snobby Price — Mr. Scott Schafer
Jenny Hill — Ms. Emily Young
Peter Shirley — Mr. Merwin Goldsmith
Bill Walker — Mr. John Keating
Mrs. Baines — Ms. Lianne Kressin
Narrator — Ms. Alexis Soloski

Evening hosted by Mr. David Cote of TIME OUT NY

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast of Major Barbara