Major Barbara

May 24, 2010

Lady Britomart’s husband is the wealthiest man in the world. He makes canons. They live apart. Their children are now grown and ready to marry. It’s time for her to face the drummer and work it all out. But what will her daughter Barbara, the Major in the Salvation Army, make of her father’s endless millions when it comes hurling at her? We’ll see: in the most head-first dive into Shaw’s rascally mind. Don’t miss this rarely produced Shaw classic comedy – often called his most perfect play.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1905.


Lady Britomart Undershaft — Ms. Maryann Plunkett
Stephen Undershaft — Mr. Adam Greer
Barbara Undershaft — Ms. Krysta Rodriguez
Sara Undershaft — Ms. Lindsay Torrey
Charles Lomax — Mr. Brian Sgambati
Adophus Cusins — Mr. Jon Patrick Walker
Andrew Undershaft — Mr. Daniel Davis
Rummy Mitchens — Ms. Suzanne Grodner
Snobby Price — Mr. Jay Rogers
Jenny Hill — Ms. Ellen Adair
Bill Walker — Mr. John Bolton
Mrs. Baines — Ms. Lianne Kressin
Narrator & Morrison, Bilton — Mr. Sidney J. Buygoyne

Evening hosted by Mr. Patrick Healy of the NEW YORK TIMES

Produced and directed by David Staller

The Cast of Major Barbara