John Bull’s Other Island

July 17, 2006

Best friends and business partners, Broadbent and Doyle, journey back to Doyle’s Irish hometown to buy up land to develop. What they don’t count on is the power of the locals, particularly Nora Reilly and the defrocked Keegan who talks to grasshoppers. In fact, the entire town is full of extraordinary characters who all conspire to turn this business trip into a hysterical life-changing weekend for all concerned, fueled by plenty of Potcheen.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1904.


Tom Broadbent — Mr. Marc Kudisch
Larry Doyle — Mr. Victor Slezak
Hodson — Mr. Simon Kendall
Tom Haffigan — Mr. Adam Feldman
Keegan   —  Mr. Brian Murray
Patsy Farrell — Mr. Barrett Foa
Father Dempsey — Mr. John Keating
Corney Doyle — Mr. Merwin Goldsmith
Barney Doyle  —   Mr. John Martello
Matthew Haffigan — Mr. Malachy McCourt
Aunt Judy —  Ms. Mary Carver
Nora —  Ms. Kate Baldwin
Narrator — Ms. Darrie Lawrence

Evening hosted by Mr. Howard Kissel

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller


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The Cast