The Man of Destiny

February 15, 2016

Shaw’s short adventure comedy, The Man of Destiny, puts none other than Napoleon I front and center. Since it’s a Shaw play, however, there’s a dynamic woman involved who not only turns out to be a mysterious spy, but actually challenges the great man in every possible way. This rarely seen four-character play is a must-see! PLUS! As a curtain-raiser, we’ll present a little Shavian Music Hall with Songs, Poems, and Letters!

By Bernard Shaw, 1895
Scene: Tavazzano, Italy. An Inn on the road from Lodi to Milan.
Period: May 12, 1796


Napoleon … Robert Petkoff
A Lieutenant … Bradford Cover
Giuseppe … Tim Jerome
A Strange Lady … Alison Fraser
Narrator … Charlotte Moore
Musical Director … Henry Aronson

(standing) Robert Petkoff, Bradford Cover, Tim Jerome, Henry Aronson, J.R. Sullivan; (seated) Alison Fraser and Charlotte Moore