In Good King Charles’s Golden Days

January 11, 2016

Written in 1939, In Good King Charles’s Golden Days is Shaw’s ‘almost historical’ comedy. This larkish romp takes an irreverent peek through the royal keyhole at politics, sex, and science versus religion—all weaving around the lives of King Charles II, Isaac Newton, Nell Gwynn, and a host of very colorful characters.

In Good King Charles’s Golden Days
A History Lesson in Three Scenes:
(A True History That Never Happened)
Written in 1939 by Bernard Shaw

Act One, scene one … Isaac Newton’s Library in Cambridge, 1680
Act Two, scene one … The Same
Act Two, scene two … The Boudoir of Cathering of Braganza, Late in the Afternoon of the Same Day


Mrs. Basham … Ms. Annie Golden
Sally … Ms. Blair Busbee
Isaac Newton … Mr. Sam Tsoutsouvas
George Fox … Mr. Christopher Innvar
King Charles II … Mr. Marc Kudisch
Nell Gwynn … Ms. Liv Rooth
Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland  … Ms. Janie Brookshire
Louise de Kerouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth … Ms. Margaret Loesser Robinson
James, Duke of York … Mr. Josh Grisetti
Godfrey Kneller … Mr. David Garrison
Queen Catherine of Braganza … Ms. Eve Bianco