Heartbreak House

May 12, 2014

On the eve of World War I, Ellie Dunn, her father, and her fiancé are invited to one of Hesione Hushabye’s infamous dinner parties. Unfortunately, her fiancé is a scoundrel, her father’s a bumbling prig, and she’s actually in love with Hector, Hesione’s husband. This bold mix of farce and tragedy lampoons British society as it blithely sails forward into the inevitable war.

A Fantasia in the Russian manner on English Themes
Written by Bernard Shaw between 1913 and 1919

Act I: Captain Shotover’s Villa in Sussex—the Poop. Afternoon.
Act II: The Same. After Dinner.
Act III: The Garden, astern of the Poop. Night


Ellie Dunn … Ms. Amelia Pedlow
Nurse Guinnes … Ms. Charlotte Rae
Captain Shotover … Mr. Fritz Weaver
Lady Ariadne Utterword … Ms. Veanne Cox
Hesione Hushabye … Ms. Maryann Plunkett
Mazzini Dunn … Mr. Tony Sheldon
Hector Hushabye … Mr. Reg Rogers
Boss Mangan … Mr. Jeff McCarthy
Randall Utterword … Mr. Adam Feldman
The Burglar … Mr. Robert Hock
Flute … Ms. Marina Staller-Stern
Narrator … Ms. Maggie Buchwald

Reg Rogers, Maggie Buchwald, Veanne Cox, Amelia Pedlow, Marina Staller Stern, Charlotte Rae, Adam Feldman,Fritz Weaver, Maryann Plunkett, Jeff McCarthy, Tony Sheldon and Robert Hock