Heartbreak House

December 20, 2010

An English country house is crammed full of revelations, romance, light comedy and discoveries – just before World War I changes everything.

Written by George Bernard Shaw between 1913 and 1919.


Elie Dunn — Ms. Elena Shaddow
Nurse Guinness — Ms. Mary Testa
Captain Shotover — Mr. Brian Murray
Lady Utterword — Ms. Alison Fraser
Hesione Hushabye — Ms. Emily Skinner
Mazzini Dunn — Mr. Lenny Wolpe
Hector Hushabye — Mr. Stephen Bogardus
Boss Mangan — Mr. John Martello
Randall Utterword — Mr. A.J. Shively
The Burgular — Mr. Jim Brochu
Narrator — Mr. David Belcher

Evening hosted by Mr. David Cote of TIME OUT NY

Produced and directed by David Staller

The Cast of Heartbreak House