Great Catherine & Annajanska

March 28, 2011

GREAT CATHERINE (1913): The lusty Catherine, Empress of all the Russias, doesn’t waste much time beating around the bush. When an emissary from London arrives in her court, she does what she must to get what she wants.

ANNAJANSKA: The Wild Grand Duchess (1917): Written immediately after the 1917 Russian revolution, we find a mysterious Grand Duchess doing her bit for both sides.

Both written by George Bernard Shaw.

Our Noble Cast for GREAT CATHERINE:

Varinka – Ms. Diane Stilwell Weinberg
Prince Patiomkin – Mr. Richard Easton
A Dashing Cossack Sergeant  – Mr. Rufus Collins
Captain Edstaston – Mr. A.J. Shively
Chamberlain Naryshkin  – Mr. Evan Thompson
The Empress Catherine II  – Ms. Jayne Houdyshell
Claire, The Woman of England  – Ms. Charlotte Parry
Narrator – Ms. Ruth Leon

The Revolutionary Cast of Characters for ANNAJANSKA

Annajanska – Ms. Hannah Cabell
General Strammfest – Mr. Richard Easton
Schneidekind  – Mr. A.J. Shively
Narrator – Ms. Ruth Leon

Evening hosted by Mr. Jesse Green of NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Evening produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast