Getting Married

June 23, 2014

A provocative tale of creative couplings. The Bishop’s daughter is getting married today, but second thoughts are flying through the air. Lesbia is determined to live without a man, but wants to have a child. Hotchkiss has broken up a marriage but is it the husband or wife he’s interested in? All converge to forge a partnership agreement between consenting adults to try and circumvent the traditional marriage contract. And then the mysterious Mrs. George arrives to throw everyone off balance.

SCENE: The Norman Kitchen in the Palace of the bishop of Chelsea.
TIME: The Present, 1908. Forenoon.


Alderman Collins … Mr. Dakin Matthews
Bishop of Chelsea  … Mr. Howard McGillin
Cecil Sykes  … Mr. Michael McCorry Rose
Edith Bridgenorth  … Ms. Andrea Lynn Green
General Bridgenorth … Mr. Philip Glassborow
St. John Hotchkiss  … Mr. Max Von Essen
Leo Bridgenorth  … Ms. Heidi Armbruster
Lesbia Grantham  … Ms. Xanthe Elbrick
Mrs. Bridgenorth  … Ms. Julia Murney
Reginald Bridgenorth  … Mr. Bradford Cover
Rev. O. C. Soames  … Mr. Warren Kelley
Mrs. George Collins  … Ms. Karen Ziemba
Narrator  … Ms. Maggie Buchwald

Bradford Cover, Dakin Matthews, Philip Glasborow, Warren Kelley, Howard McGillin, Michael McCorry Rose, Max von Essen, Maggie Buchwald, Andrea Lynn Green, Xanthe Elbrick, Julia Murney, and Heidi Armbruster