Getting Married

June 20, 2011

GETTING MARRIED is a provocative tale of creative couplings. The Bishop’s daughter is getting married today, but second thoughts are flying through the air. Lesbia is determined to live without a man, but wants to have a child. Hotchkiss has broken up a marriage but is it the husband or the wife he’s interested in? All converge to forge a partnership agreement between consenting adults to try and circumvent the traditional marriage contract. And then, the mysterious Mrs. George arrives to throw everyone off balance.

Written by Bernard Shaw in 1908.


Mrs Bridgenorth – Ms. Cady Huffman
Alderman Collins  – Mr. Lenny Wolpe
General Bridgenorth – Mr. Simon Jones
Lesbia Grantham – Ms. Emily Skinner
Bishop of Chelsea – Mr. Reed Birney
Reginald Bridgenorth – Mr. Steven Skybell
Cecil Sykes – Mr. Jordan Coughtry
Edith Bridgenorth – Ms. Lindsay Torrey
St. John Hotchkiss – Mr. David Furr
Leo Bridgenorth – Ms. Sue Cremin
Mrs. George Collins – Ms. Andrea Marcovicci
Rev. O.C. Soams – Mr. Robert Stanton
Narrator – Mr. Michael Musto of the VILLAGE VOICE

Evening hosted by Mr. Jesse Green of NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast of Getting Married