Captain Brassbound’s Conversion

November 20, 2006

The charmingly controlling Lady Cicely arrives in Morocco with Sir Howard. He is her brother-in-law & an infamous London judge. As the story unfolds, we discover that the Englishman hired to guide these two into the dangerous hills, Captain Brassbound, has been waiting for years to extract revenge on this very judge who wronged the young Captain’s mother. The Captain is actually a feared and legendary pirate known as Black Paquito. When faced with the implacable Lady Cicely, he is led to confront the very essence he has built his life upon. Scrubbed and dressed in gentleman’s clothes, Brassbound is actually forced to plead for his own life in a makeshift court overlooking the bay of Mogador. Brassbound and Lady Cicely create a sparing pair of wits, which Shaw later reversed and reused in PYGMALION.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1899.


Sir Howard Hallam — Mr. George S. Irving
Leslie Rankin — Mr. Lenny Wolpe
Captain Hamlin Kearney, U.S.N — Mr. Allen McCullough
Captain Brassbound — Mr. David Lansbury
Felix Drinkwater — Mr. Tyler Maynard
Redbrook — Mr. Anthony Holds
Johnson — Mr. John Keating
Marzo — Mr. Terry Wynne
The Cadi — Mr. Merwin Goldsmith
Sidi el Assif — Mr. Tim Artz
Osman — Mr. Howard Kissel
Lady Cicely Waynflete — Ms. Veanne Cox
American Bluejacket — Mr. Adam Feldman
Narrator — Ms. Patricia O’Connell

Evening hosted by Mr. Michael Riedel of the NEW YORK POST

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller