Captain Brassbound’s Conversion

October 23, 2017

Shaw’s riotous comedy! Lady Cicely arrives in Morocco with Sir Howard, the infamous London judge. We soon discover that their guide, Captain Brassbound, is none other than a legendary ruthless pirate who has been waiting for years to exact revenge on this very judge! Surrounded by a spectacular array of wonderfully theatrical characters, Lady Cicely takes on the pirates, an Arab army, and the entire U.S. fleet while finding time for a bit of romance! This completely unexpected comedy by Bernard Shaw comes to you just in time for Hallowe’en!

This comedy is certainly one of the most unusual in the Shaw canon, combining the zany tone of of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the old original Sweeney Todd stories, and a light romantic comedy! No other Shaw play packs in quite so much action and wacky characters. We’re very much looking forward to sharing this play with our audiences. Anyone attending wearing a pirate costume (early Hallowe’en) will get a free raffle ticket!

These are unique Script-In-Hand performances with some of our country’s finest actors.

Captain Brassbound’s Conversion
Written by Bernard Shaw in 1899

Act I: In the Missionary’s Garden, on the hights overlooking the Harbour of Mogador, Morocco.
Act II: Moskala: in a Moorish Castle in the Atlas Mountains.
Act III: In the Missionary’s House, Mogador.
Time: The Present (1899)

Our Brave and Noble Cast:

Lady Cicely Waynflete … Ms. Rebecca Luker
Captain Brassbound … Mr. Max von Essen
Sir Howard Hallam … Mr. Tony Sheldon
Leslie Rankin … Mr. George Dvorsky
Capt. Hamlin Kearney … Mr. Mark Shanahan
Felix Drinkwater … Mr. Jeffrey Omura
Redbrook … Mr. Dan Dominques
Johnson … Mr. James Donegan
Marzo … Mr. Daniel Marconi
The Cadi … Mr. Thom Sesma
Sidi el Assif … Mr. Evan Zes
Osman … Mr. Aaron Lee Battle
Narrator & American Bluejacket … Mr. Frank C. DiLella