Caesar and Cleopatra

September 22, 2008

In this sweeping historical comedy, a victorious Julius Caesar arrives in Egypt confronted by the frightened child, Cleopatra. Under his guidance, she becomes the legendary Queen of Egypt.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1898.


Ftatateeta — Ms. Daphne Rubin-Vega
Julius Caesar — Mr. Brian Murray
Cleopatra — Ms. Madeleine Martin
Pothinus — Mr. Simon Jones
Ptolemy XIV — Mr. Daniel Marconi
Theodotus — Mr. Seth Rudetsky
Achillas — Mr. Tim Artz
Rufio — Mr. Todd Gearhart
Britannus — Mr. Jack Koenig
Lucius Septimius — Mr. Anthony Holds
Sentinel — Mr. Jon Levenson
Apollodorus — Mr. Daniel Reichard
Narrator — Ms. Darrie Lawrence

Evening hosted by Mr. Adam Feldman of TIME OUT NY

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast of Caesar and Cleopatra