Caesar and Cleopatra

May 23, 2016

Caesar and Cleopatra, by George Bernard Shaw, written in 1898, published in 1901, and first produced in 1906. It is considered Shaw’s first great play. Caesar and Cleopatra opens as Caesar’s armies arrive in Egypt to conquer the ancient divided land for Rome. Caesar meets the young Cleopatra crouching at night between the paws of a sphinx, where—having been driven from Alexandria—she is hiding. He returns her to the palace, reveals his identity, and compels her to abandon her girlishness and accept her position as co-ruler of Egypt (with Ptolemy Dionysus, her brother). Caesar and Cleopatra was extraordinarily successful, largely because of Shaw’s talent for characterization.


FTATATEETA … Ms. Olga Merediz
CAESAR … Mr. Harris Yulin
CLEOPATRA … Ms. Sheria Irving
RUFIO … Mr. Christian Ryan
BRITANNUS … Mr. Ames Adamson
APOLLODORUS … Mr. Max von Essen
PTOLEMY XIV … Mr. Bonale Fambrini
POTHINUS … Mr. Everett Quinton
THEODOTUS … Mr. Aaron Lee Battle
ACHILLAS … Mr. Marc LeVasseur
SENTINEL … Mr. Daniel Schwait
NARRATOR … Mr. James Rana

PERIOD OF THE PLAY: The End of XXXIII Dynasty in Egypt. From October of 48 B.C. to March 47 B.C.

ACT I: Scene 1: The Desert. The Sphinx.
Scene 2: The Throne-Room in the Palace.
ACT II: Some Days Later. Alexandria. The Council Chamber of the King’s Treasury
ACT III: Scene 1: The Quay in  Front of the Palace.
Scene 2: The Pharos of Alexandria.
ACT IV: Five Months Later. Alexandria
Scene 1: Cleopatra’s Boudoir.
Scene 2: On the Palace Roof. The God’s Answer.
ACT V: After the Campaign. The East Harbour. Caesar’s Farewell.