Caesar and Cleopatra

February 25, 2013

In this sweeping historical comedy, a victorious Julius Caesar arrives in Egypt confronted by the frightened child, Cleopatra. Under his guidance, she becomes the legendary Queen of Egypt.

Written by Bernard Shaw in 1898


Julius Caesar – Mr. Daniel Davis
Cleopatra – Ms. Nikki M. James
Ftatateeta – Ms. Sharon Washington
Rufio – Mr. Patrick Boll
Britannus – Mr. James Joseph O’Neil
Lucius Septimius – Mr. Christopher Burns
Apollodorus – Mr. Tony Yazbeck
Ptolemy XIV – Mr. Matthew Schechter
Pothinus – Mr John Bolton
Theodotus – Mr. David Drake
Achillas – Mr. Michael Markham
Sentinel – Mr. Roberto Cambeiro
Narrator – Ms. Donna Karger

Produced and Directed by Mr. David Staller

Patrick Boll, Christopher Burns, John Bolton, Michael Markham, James Joseph O’Neill, Tony Yazbeck, Robert Cambeiro, David Drake, Nikki M. James, Daniel Davis, Sharon Washington, Donna Karger and Matthew Schechter