Buoyant Billions

February 16, 2009

After WWII, a rich young man decides to venture forth into the world and become a professional ‘world betterer.’ Along the way he meets the Buoyant heiress who treats him so curiously that he becomes utterly fascinated by her…and her family.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1947.


Junius – Mr. Bryan Batt
His Father – Mr. George S. Irving
Clementina – Ms. Veanne Cox
Bayano – Mr. William DeMeritt
The Chinese Priest – Mr. Marshall Factora
Sir Ferdinand Flopper – Mr. Ed Dixon
The Widower (Tom Buoyant) – Mr. Graham Rowat
Darkie (Eudoxia Emily) – Ms. Emma Archid
Mr. Secondborn (Dick Buoyant) – Mr. Ezra Barnes
Mrs. Secondborn (Julia Buoyant) – Ms. Loni Ackerman
Mrs. Thirdborn (Mrs. Harry) – Ms. Ashley Wren Collins
Fiffy (Frederick) – Mr. Teddy Eck
Bastable ‘Old Bill’ Buoyant – Mr. John Martello
Narrator – Ms. Charlotte Moore

Evening hosted by Mr. David Sheward of BACKSTAGE

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast of Buoyant Billions