Back to Methuselah (Part Two)

February 27, 2012

Starting with Adam, Eve and The Serpent in the Garden of Eden, this rollicking play speeds through several thousands of years of human history – past, present and future. Part Two, which consists of two plays which are completely independent of Part One, begins in the year 3000 and takes us, finally, to the year 31,920! People have begun to be born out of eggs, fully formed, and live to be more than 300 years old. The question is if the extra time actually makes a difference the way people live, learn, love and contribute.

The second half of this epic play. You won’t need to have seen the first half to fully enjoy the joyous experience!

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1918, 1919 and 1920.

Cast for PART IV:

Popham – Mr. Daniel Davis
Fusima- Ms. Lora Lee Gayer
Zozim – Mr. Chad Kimball
Zoo – Ms. Nikki M. James
General Aufsteig (Napoleon) – Mr. Michael Riedel
The Oracle – Ms. Roberta Maxwell
Badger-Bluebin (The British Envoy) – Mr. Fritz Weaver
Mrs. Badger-Bluebin (Molly) – Ms. Charlotte Moore
Miss Badger-Bluebin (Ethel) – Ms. Rebecca Hoffman
Narrator – Mr. David Drake

Cast for PART V:

Stephon – Mr. Blake Daniel
Chloe – Ms. Lora Lee Gayer
He-Ancient – Mr. Fritz Weaver
Acis – Mr. Chad Kimball
She-Ancient – Ms. Roberta Maxwell
Amaryliis (The Newly-Born) – Ms. Rebecca Hoffman
Ecrasia – Ms. Nikki M. James
Martellus – Mr. Christian Delcroix
Pygmalion – Mr. Will Bradley
Ozymandias –  Mr. David Drake
Cleopatra-Semiramis – Ms. Charlotte Moore
Eve – Ms. Nikki M. James
Lilith – Ms. Roberta Maxwell
Adam – Mr. Christian Delcroix
Cain – Mr. Will Bradley
Serpent – Ms. Charlotte Moore
Narrator – Mr. Michael Riedel

Produced and directed by David Staller