Back to Methuselah (Part One)

September 21, 2009

Starting with Adam, Eve and The Serpent in the Garden of Eden, this rollicking play speeds us through several thousands of years of human history. By the time the curtain falls on Part One, we’ve reached the year 2170 and people have begun to live to be 300 years old! This is the first time the play has been presented in New York in more than fifty years.

A PLAY SO EXPANSIVE IT WILL TAKE US TWO MONTHS TO PRESENT IT! (Part Two will be performed on October 19, 2009)

PART I: The Beginning

PART II: Franklyn Barnabas’ Study, Hamstead heath, shortly after the war

PART III: The Official Parlour of the President of the British Islands, in the year 2170 A.D.; A Summer Afternoon

Written by George Bernard Shaw during 1918, 1919, and 1920.

Cast for PART I:

Adam — Mr. Marc Kudisch
Eve — Ms. Madeline Martin
The Serpent — Ms. Tanya Elder
Cain — Mr. Simon Kendall
Narrator (scene one) — Mr. Jeff Steitzer
Narrator (scene two) — Ms. Tanya Elder

Cast for PART II:

Franklin Barnabas — Mr. Jeff Steitzer
Conrad Barnabas — Mr. Marc Kudisch
The Parlourmaid — Ms. Diane Stilwell Weinberg
Reverend William Haslam — Mr. Simon Kendall
Savvy Barnabas — Ms. Madeline Martin
Joyce Burge — Mr. Simon Jones
Mr. Henry Hopkins Lubin — Mr. Stephen Mo Hannan
Narrator — Mr. Ariel Estrada

Cast for PART III:

Burge Lubin — Mr. Simon Jones
Barnabas — Mr. Marc Kudisch
Confucius — Mr. Ariel Estrada
Renny — Ms. Tanya Elder
The Archbishop of York — Mr. Simon Kendall
Mrs. Lutestring — Ms. Diane Stilwell Weinberg
Narrator — Ms. Madeline Martin

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller