Androcles and the Lion

April 23, 2007

Christians are being led to the Coliseum for torture. There’s an eager crowd waiting, along with Caesar and his cohorts. Androcles, a Greek tailor who happens to be one of the Christians, has always felt kindly toward animals. He’d even helped out a passing lion on the road to Rome. His wife has rejected him, the Romans make fun of him, and even the other Christians aren’t quite sure what to make of him. But the eager crowd, the Gladiators and the hungry lions aren’t interested in his domestic difficulties.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1912.


The Lion — Mr. Bruce Vilanch
Androcles — Mr. Seth Rudetsky
Megaera — Ms. Raven Snook
Centurion — Mr. Jeremy McCarter
Lavinia — Ms. Alexis Soloski
The Captain — Mr. Charles Isherwood
Lentulus — Mr. Michael Musto
Metellus — Mr. Adam Feldman
Ferrovius — Mr. Howard Kissel
Spintho — Mr. Michael Riedel
The Royal Ox Driver — Mr. David Finkle
The Editor — Mr. David Cote
The Call Boy — Mr. Patrick Pacheco
Secutor — Mr. Frank Scheck
Retiarius — Mr. Eric Grode
The Menagerie Keeper — Mr. Michael Schulman
Caesar — Mr. Rex Reed
Narrator — Ms. Roma Torre

Evening hosted by Mr. Brendan Lemon

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller