by David Cote

Monday July 9th at 7pm
The Players
16 Gramercy Park South
(20th Street east of Park Avenue)

In a hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, college student Alice is set for a reunion with her birth mother—who gave her up almost twenty years ago. At the same time, in the same hotel, there’s an international botany symposium, which has been painstakingly organized by Edgar. Things are not going smoothly for anyone. Alice’s mother is mysteriously late. Half the rooms in the hotel have busted pipes. And a radical eco-activist group that calls itself the Pangaea Liberation Front is mounting an Occupy Wall Street-style protest in the parking lot. Add to this situation a stoner hotel clerk, a militant security officer and Alice’s adopted mother—who shows up in Ethiopia hell-bent on bringing Alice back to the States—and soon identities and agendas are clashing wildly. Otherland is a serious farce about family, creating the self, invasive species, eco-activism, fact versus fiction, race, roots, adoption and how to be authentic in a generic world.
Cast :
NIGEL – Jaspal Binning
MESKEREM – Shalita Grant
EDGAR – Max Gordon Moore
ALICE – Condola Rashad
MADELEINE – Laila Robins
DENG – Wilton Yeung
NARRATOR – William DeMerritt  
This performance of David Cote's OTHERLAND wass part of GTG's SHAW NEW YORK festival.

The cast of OTHERLAND


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