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The Devil’s Disciple

January 22, 2018

The Devil’s Disciple, written in 1896, is Bernard Shaw’s classic comedy that weaves a story around the unlikely backdrop of the American Revolution! Some of Shaw’s most entertainingly iconographic characters fill out this tale of revolt: of one country against another as well as of the inexhaustible battle of the human spirit — how we choose to create and define ourselves in the face of societal expectations. In this play, we find ourselves in a 1777 New Hampshire village where Dick Dudgeon opens his heart to life. Along the way, everyone goes through profound changes of discovery, hope and strength.







Our Brave and Noble Cast:
Mrs. Dudgeon … Dana Smith-Croll
Christopher Dudgeon … Michael Raver
Anthony Anderson … John Cariani
Judith Anderson … Nikki M. James
Lawyer Hawkins … James Prendergast
Dick Dudgeon …pending
The Sergeant … Andy Baldeschwiler
General Burgoyne … Simon Jones
Major Swindon … Bradford Cover
William Dudgeon … Richard Ferrone
Titus Dudgeon … Ken Glickfeld

The action of the play takes place in the town of Websterbridge, New Hampshire in the year 1777 during the American War of Independence.
ACT I: In Mrs Dudgeon’s Farm Kitchen. Morning.
ACT II: In Minister Anderson’s House. Evening.
Scene 1: A Waiting-room in the Town Hall. Next Morning.
Scene 2: The Council Chamber.
Scene 3: The Market-place.



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