Past Seasons

Too True to Be Good

June 24, 2013

A glamorous pair of jewel thieves convince a chronic young convalescent to steal her own jewels and run away with them to a tropical paradise. Her over-protective mother comes chasing after them and a riotous time is had by all. This is Shaw’s 1931 high-comedy journey, which takes on fad diets, the medical profession, the military, war, religion, and sex. It’s a short and lively comedic lark.

Written by Bernard Shaw in 1931.


The Monster – Mr. Michael Musto
The Patient (Mops) – Ms. Ryann Redmond
Mrs. Mopply – Ms. Jackie Hoffman
The Doctor – Mr. William McCauley
The Nurse (Sweetie) – Mr. Charles Busch
The Burglar (Popsy) – Mr. Robert Cuccioli
Colonel Tallboys – Mr. Ed Dixon
Private Meek – Mr. Jonathan Hadley
Sergeant Fielding – Mr. Martin Moran
The Elder – Mr. George S. Irving
Narrator – Mr. Adam Feldman of TIME OUT NEW YORK

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller


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