The Doctor’s Dilemma

March 22, 2010

Jennifer Dubedat idolizes her artist husband, Louis, but he is dying. She goes to a doctor who can keep only so many patients, and must choose who is worth saving, but is convinced that Louis’ artistic talents make him worthy. But when he meets Louis, he discovers that he is a roguish scoundrel and may not be worth saving. In fact, the good doctor may have fallen in love with Jennifer. So, kill or cure? Shaw takes on the medical profession with his usual razor-sharp and uncompromising wit.

Written by George Bernard Shaw in 1906.


Redpenny — Mr. Simon Kendall
Emmy — Ms. Annie Golden
Sir Colenso Ridgeon — Mr. Brian Murray
Sir Patrick Cullen — Mr. Ciaran O’Rielly
Sir Bloomfield Bonington — Mr. Tim Jerome
Cutler Walpole — Mr. Rufus Collins
Leo Schutzmacher — Mr. John Martello
Dr. Blenkensop — Mr. George S. Irving
Mr. Danby — Mr. Oliver Wadsworth
Jennifer Dubedat — Ms. Carolyn McCormick
Louis Dubedat — Mr. Lorenzo Pisoni
Minnie Tinwell — Ms. Liz Morton
Narrator & Newspaper Man — Mr. David Cote

Evening hosted by Mr. Gordon Cox

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast of The Doctor’s Dilemma