League of Youth

October 27, 2014

LEAGUE OF YOUTH is a farce by Henrik Ibsen—his first non-verse play in an attempt to move his style toward realism.       This broad comedy serves as a vehicle for the tale of a wildly ambitious young man determined to take over the government of a town. In nineteenth-century Norway, it was widely considered Ibsen’s most popular play, lauded for its natural and witty dialogue, cynical humor and farcical intrigue. This will be the New York debut of a play by the man who inspired Shaw to begin writing plays. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience a brand new classic Ibsen comedy.

Shaw was inspired to become a playwright due to the influences of Ibsen and Chekhov, and Project Shaw is proud to be branching out with these presentations.


Stensgård … Mr. Wesley Taylor
Chamberlain Bratsberg … Mr. George S. Irving
Doctor Fieldbo … Mr. Max Gordon Moore
Daniel Heire … Mr. Edward Hibbert
Aslaksen … Mr. Jeff Ronan
Thora Bratsberg … Ms. Andrea Lynn Green
Anders Lundestad … Mr. Nick Wyman
Mons Monsen … Mr. Jim Brochu
Bastian Monsen … Mr. Chris Richards
Madam Rundholmen … Ms. Cynthia Darlow
Erik Bratsberg … Mr. Roberto Cambeiro
Narrator … Mr. Charles Morey

Jeff Ronan, Chris Richards, Nick Wyman, Max Gordon Moore, Edward Hibbert, Roberto Cambeiro, Charles Morey, David Staller, Jim Brochu, George S. Irving, Andrea Lynn Green, Cynthia Darlow and Wesley Taylor