Great Catherine & Annajanska, the Wild Grand Duchess

June 23, 2008

Great Catherine (1913): A dissolute Russian prince does his best to maneuver his way around Russia’s most infamous Empress, while a shy British Emissary tries to convey news about the newly begun American Revolution.

Annajanska, The Wild Grand Duchess (1917): This takes us to the dawn of the Russian Revolution. While the huge Russian Empire is crumbling, a surviving member of the royal family does her best to convince the doubting General in charge that she actually wants to join the revolutionary cause.

Both written by George Bernard Shaw


Prince Patiomkin — Mr. John Cullum
Varinka — Ms. Ashley Wren Collins
A Cossack Sergeant — Mr. Nick Wyman
Captain Edstaston — Mr. Tony Yazbeck
Naryshkin — Mr. John Martello
The Empress Catherine II — Ms. Tyne Daly
The Princess Dashkoff — Ms. Alison Fraser
Claire — Ms. Liz Morton
Narrator — Mr. Michael Riedel


General Strammfest — Mr. John Cullum
Schneidekind — Mr. Tony Yazbeck
Annajanska — Ms. Tyne Daly
Narrator — Mr. Michael Riedel

Evening hosted by Mr. Michael Riedel of the NEW YORK POST

Produced and directed by Mr. David Staller

The Cast