Buoyant Billions

June 18, 2018

Buoyant Billions, is one of Shaw’s wittiest and least known plays. Written in 1948 towards the end of his very long life, he introduces some of his most entertainingly eccentric characters. The plot: after WWII, a rich young man decides to venture forth into the world and become a professional ‘world betterer.’ Along the way he meets a rich young saxophone-playing heiress who treats him so dreadfully that he becomes fascinated by her…and her entire peculiar family. Shaw, as usual, reminds us to question everything and bravely form our own opinions about ourself and the world around us.


These are all unique script-in-hand performances!

Our Astonishingly Accomplished Cast:
Junius … Bryce Pinkham
His Father … Michael McCormick
Clemintina Buoyant … Scarlett Strallen
Bayano … Brandon Jones
The Chinese Priest … Hank H. Kim
Sir Ferdinand Flopper … Bradford Cover
Tom Buoyant … Karl Kenzler
Eudoxia … Lilly Tobin
Dick Buoyant … Drew McVety
Julia Buoyant … Margaret Loesser Robinson
Mrs. Harry … Caroline Kinsolving
Frederick … Eason Rytter
Bastable ‘Old Bill’ Buoyant … Jim Brochu
Narrator … Susan Haskins-Doloff

(Note: Cast maddeningly subject to change.)