We presented our first fully mounted production for SHAW NEW YORK with Shaw's wittiest and wickedest comedy, MAN AND SUPERMAN. This is the first time the play has been produced in New York in twenty-five years. The play was presented including the rarely seen dream sequence known as 'Don Juan in Hell.'

SHAW NEW YORK 2012 included MAN AND SUPERMAN, the Shaw Symposium, the Critic Symposium, the Shaw Concert and our Press Cuttings series presentation of a new play!

Click below for more information about each of the programs that made Shaw New York 2012 such a huge success!

Our debut season started off with a production of Shaw's Man and Superman, which was last seen on Broadway in 1979 and off-Broadway in 1988. Now is the perfect time to present one of Shaw's most important plays. This comedic masterpiece is rich in themes that are as significant today as when the play was first presented in 1905. It will be performed complete with its interior 'play,' Don Juan in Hell.

Moderated by Jeffrey Eric Jenkins of NYU, this symposium explored the ever-changing world of arts journalism.

As Shaw began his career in the arts first as a music, and then, dramatic critic (before becoming a playwright), he maintained that journalists view their work as an art form in itself.

This event featured fifteen prominent arts journalists and critics examining "Are Critics Necessary?" Among those journalists who took part were David Cote, Joe Dziemanowicz,  Adam Feldman, Peter Filichia, Andy Propst, Michael Riedel, Frank Rizzo, Helen Shaw, David Sheward, John Simon, Michael Sommers, Rob Weinert-Kendt, Elisabeth Vincentelli,  Linda Winer, Jason Zinoman.

Tickets were available to the general public for the day's events.

We also presented a concert featuring music championed as 'modern music' by Shaw when he was a music critic. He had actively encouraged people to keep themselves open to the 'new wave' of composers of the late ninteenth century. This will feature music by Brahms, Elgar and Wagner. Tickets are now on sale. Our featured musician / composer will be the remakable Timothy Andres.

As part of SHAW NEW YORK, GTG also presented a reading of a new play from its PRESS CUTTINGS development program.

Each PRESS CUTTINGS play will reflect themes inspired by George Bernard Shaw (human rights and respect and equality for all living beings) and will be written by a current New York City arts journalist with a strong background in playwriting.

Our JULY 9th Performance was of David Cote's play, OTHERLAND.



Signing of co-production agreement between GTG and The Irish Repertory Theatre
Ethan E. Litwin, Charlotte Moore, Ciaran O'Reilly, David Staller


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