The New Play Development Series


SUBMISSIONS are made by invitation.
Kindly write GTG with inquiries.
Applicants must:
Have a solid background in writing plays.
Currently be a staff arts journalist covering Theatre, Music, Film, Opera.
Have at least one completed play to offer as a writing sample.
Writers may pitch an original idea for a play, which should not be based on any existing Shaw play or premise.
Send name and all contact information to:

Shaw began his career in the theatre as a critic before moving on to write more than 60 plays. He was an outspoken advocate of equal rights for all, including his well-known speeches on behalf of women's rights. Throughout his work, he urges people to create the most challenging and fulfilling lives for themselves, while contributing fully to the world around them. He actively sought to abolish all laws and traditions that discriminate against equal rights for all.

Gingold Theatrical Group is sponsoring a unique program, a new play development project, specifically for journalists who write about the theatre to write plays--critics, columnists and journalists who have already had practical experience as playwrights. This project is named after one of Shaw's one-act plays: PRESS CUTTINGS, which takes aim at the power of the press in society. The themes and ideas of these plays will be shaped by Shaw's often radical and still potent values.   

Each play will be developed from scratch: plot proposal, outline form, preliminary readings, draft work, workshops and reading presentations.  This will not involve the re-writing or adaptation of Shaw’s plays or novels, nor biographical plays about Shaw. No previously developed works will be considered.

Please note that PRESS CUTTINGS develops only works specifically commissioned by GTG, and we are requesting no submissions at this time.











Both pictures are of casts that have participated in workshops of David Cote's play.


Our current playwrights are David Cote, Jeremy McCarter,  and Robert Simonson.

September 26, 2012 workshop of Jeremy McCarter's new play
(From Left) David Staller, Jeremy McCarter, Adam Green, Jennifer Morris


A 2008 workshop of a new play by Robert Simonson with
Jonathan Groff, Michele Pawk, and Robert Simonson.


"Put shortly and undramatically, the case is that a civilization cannot progress without criticism, and must therefore, to save itself from stagnation and putrefaction, declare impunity for criticism. This means impunity not only for propositions which, however novel, seem interesting, statesmanlike and respectable, but for propositions that shock the uncritical as obscene, seditious, blasphemous, heretical and revolutionary."




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